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Crusader Sports

At Grace Lutheran School, we believe that participation in athletics programs helps students develop into well-rounded, well-adjusted, confident individuals by fostering a love of sports and providing an opportunity for each child to develop God-given athletic talents

May all that we do and say be to the glory of God!

Sports Opportunities

We offer a wide variety of sports opportunities for all grade levels. We have a sports program for everyone here at Grace! 

Fall Sports

Girls Volleyball: 5-8
Co-Ed Soccer: PK-8

Winter Sports

Cheerleading: 5-8
Girls Basketball: 3-8
Boys Basketball: 3-8

Spring Sports

Indoor Soccer: 2-3
Track: 4-8
T-Ball: PK-1


Important Facts

  • We are a member of the Huntsville Independent School League, which is comprised of other Christian Schools.
  • We do not cut from our teams. We allow all students who wish to commit to being part of the team to become part of the team.
  • We emphasize skill development and sportsmanship.
  • Our eligibility policy emphasizes work and behavior in the classroom first. We check eligibility twice each marking period.
  • We open all home games with prayer. 
  • We participate in the Annual Regional Lutheran Basketball Tournament for both girls and boys in grades 7 and 8. The basketball teams, together with the grades 7 and 8 cheerleading team, have the opportunity to travel for five days to compete with schools in Knoxville, Tennessee, Hickory, North Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our Philosophy

“Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit; we desire to develop and maintain those temples” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). At Grace Lutheran, we believe that participation in athletics is a means to that end; therefore, we engage in athletics competition for the following reasons:

  • To allow students to develop their athletic skills to the fullest using the talents which God has blessed them with
  • To promote Christian sportsmanship and fellowship among all concerned (teammates, opponents, referees, coaches, fans, and so forth)
  • To promote respect for and acceptance of authority
  • To provide opportunity for cooperation with other individuals in a team effort
  • To enjoy participation in athletics now and in the future
  • To learn self-control in emotional situations
  • To learn acceptance of victory and defeat

We Need Your Help

Simply put, our program cannot run without your support. We welcome and need parents who are committed and who will give priority to our sports program. We invite you to consider volunteering in one or several of these capacities:

  • Coaching a team
  • Transporting students to and from practices and games
  • Helping with concessions during games 
  • Running the game clock
  • Keeping the scorebook 
  • Cleaning up after games

Huntsville Independent School League

Grace Lutheran is a member of the Huntsville Independent School League (HISL), which is comprised of other Christian schools. For directions and a Google map to each location, please follow the links below.