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High School Student Drivers

Student parking on Grace Lutheran campus is a privilege. With that privilege comes the responsibility of following policies and procedures set forth by the school administration. The school assumes no liability for damage to or losses from any vehicles parked on campus. Students should keep their vehicles locked at all times. The following are the procedures to obtain and keep a parking decal permit. 

  1. To obtain a parking decal permit:
    • Register vehicle - a copy of student’s driver’s license and current insurance card must remain on file in the school office. 
    • Purchase a one-time $25 dollar parking permit at the school office. 
    • Student must display decal in a visible location.
  2. Student drivers understand that they cannot drive any other student home from school other than family members. 
  3. We will observe all rules of the road for the city, county, and state in the parking lot.
  4. All expectations of the Grace student code of conduct apply to the parking lot. 
  5. Students may park in assigned spots only.
  6. Immediately after parking, students must exit their vehicles and move to the building. No loitering in the parking lot before or after school. 
  7. During school hours, you need administrative permission to return to the parking lot.
  8. A student who graduates or no longer attends Grace must return his/her parking permit to the school office. 
  9. Cars are not to remain parked overnight without the express permission of the principal. 
  10. Student drivers who become ill after arrival on campus during the school day may drive home only after the school office contacts the student’s parent or legal guardian to secure permission to check out before the student departs. 
  11. Any student driver leaving campus after arrival must have appropriate permission from parent or legal guardian as well as administration. 
  12. Parking violations - we may revoke a student’s permit under the following circumstances: 
    • Student driving is unsafe. (ex. excessive speed in parking lot, not yielding to pedestrians crossing street, etc.) 
    • Failure to return to campus in a timely manner. (see number 11) 
    • Caught parking without a permit can lead to not being able to obtain a parking permit as well as having car towed at owner’s expense. 
    • Unexcused absence or 3 unexcused tardies will lead to a loss of driving privileges. 
    • Violation of other school rules may result in the loss of driving privileges. The final decision goes to the school administration.

Note: with the case of all parking violations and depending on the severity and circumstances of what occurred, students will receive every opportunity to correct the action. This may mean a parent/administrative/student conference with an action plan, written warning, or a loss of privilege for a set period before revoking driving privileges for the year.