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Teacher and student working on an art project while wearing face masks and a happy elementary student on the playground

Middle School (6th–8th)

We understand that the middle school years can be stressful for both students and their parents as they enter this next step in the educational ladder. Our staff and faculty work hard to create an educational and social environment to bridge the transition from the elementary grades to the middle school level.


Our middle school curriculum includes the following courses of study:

  • Mathematics: general and advanced math 
  • History: American History 1900 to the present, world history, and geography
  • Religion
  • Language arts
  • Science: earth, biology, and physical science
  • Foreign language: Spanish
  • Fine arts
  • Sports and physical education
  • Music: band
  • Computer technology
  • Duke TIP Program


Middle school is a time of personal growth and newfound self-awareness. Engaged in learning, students are interested in learning about their world and pursuing new interests. We offer a variety of elective courses with something that is sure to spark the interest of every student.

  • Drama
  • iPod video broadcasting
  • Creative writing
  • Cooking
  • Origami math
  • Budgeting
  • Optimist club leadership 

Chromebook Program

We rent each middle school student a new Chromebook. We do not permit students to bring their own “out of program” laptops due to the difficulty of maintenance. We find that it is easier for everyone involved when students and teachers use the same model.

We expect our students to take good care of their Chromebook. Grace Lutheran maintains all rights and ownership of the Chromebook; we require students to return the laptops at the end of each school year, so that we may perform yearly maintenance and repairs.