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Teacher and student working on an art project while wearing face masks and a happy elementary student on the playground

Prekindergarten–5th Grade

Grace Lutheran believes in educating the whole child. In addition to our excellent academic program, we introduce our young learners to a variety of activities designed to help them develop spiritually, socially, physically, and academically.


Our full and half-day prekindergarten programs provide each child with a loving, fun, educational, and safe environment. We let each child know that God loves him/her, and so do we. 

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be four years old by September 1 to enroll. We limit our class size to 18 students.


Have you heard the phrase, "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten"? This sums up a great year of learning at Grace Lutheran for our kindergarten classes. 

In an atmosphere promoting spiritual growth and a positive self-concept, our kindergarteners enjoy experiences to encourage and support the development of each child’s God-given potential. We learn how to work as a team by doing many hands-on and relational activities that foster an understanding of basic skills, from our A-B-C's and 1-2-3's, to practicing social etiquette and problem solving. 

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be five years old by September 1. We limit our class sizes to 18 students.

First Grade

In first grade, students learn how to become independent learners as well as how to work together as a team. First graders begin to develop leadership skills such as cooperation, listening to each other, and making good choices. First grade is an exciting year when students learn phonics skills and reading, opening up a whole new world. Students participate in science projects and share what they learned with their classmates. First graders will also grow in their faith through memory verses, chapel, classroom devotions, and religion lessons. 

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be six years old by September 1. We limit our class size to 20 students.

Second Grade

Second Grade is a year of developing responsibility and for becoming more independent. Our basic educational goal in 2nd grade is to raise children who know that God is active in their daily lives and is their Savior. We encourage and teach by example how to become responsible, young citizens of our world. We provide ample opportunities for students to express themselves creatively. 

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Third Grade

Third grade students continue the journey of growing into independent learners. We strive to teach the whole child and lead the students in becoming more responsible for themselves and their assignments. While learning to get along with each other, they develop problem-solving skills. These skills enable them to become stronger leaders as well as learn to treat each other compassionately and practice the Golden Rule.

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a big transition year for students as they work to become more independent and self-reliant. Fourth graders are naturally curious, enjoy learning, gladly help others, and share their faith in words and actions. Students at this level read to learn about new things as well as do activities that enable them to understand concepts through hands-on experiences. 

They do projects, which allow them to share information in creative ways while practicing organizational skills and independent decision-making. They become more proficient in budgeting their time and in completing multiple assignments in various subjects each day. 

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Fifth Grade

Our goal is to prepare students for a successful transition into middle school. We accomplish this goal with our “bridging program” designed to teach the skills of organization, responsibility, time management, and studying, as well as help them gain the spiritual maturity necessary for success in middle school and beyond.

We see each child as a unique individual who brings diversity to the classroom and promotes good peer relationships, teaching students how to be empathetic toward one another. We encourage and lift up the students in a Christian-based environment, helping them to become confident, secure individuals. It is our vision to equip these young minds to become leaders, disciples, and innovative thinkers through a well-rounded, intentionally diversified, educational experience.

We limit our class size to 20 students.