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This is Grace Lutheran

Grace Lutheran School exists to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, to prepare our children for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities, and to equip children with the tools necessary for lives of Christian service.

Our experienced staff and faculty work closely with parents to help children reach their full potential. Our curriculum includes more than textbooks; we educate our students to make goals to earn trust, grow in responsibility, make decisions, and develop follow-through. In the classroom, on the playground, in daily devotions, and in Bible study, teachers and students share their love of Jesus with each other. We are proud of our reputation for providing a quality education rich in science and math with state-of-the-art technology programs and classrooms as well as the many extracurricular and sports programs we have available for our students.

Our Philosophy

Grace Lutheran School is an integral part of the total ministry of Grace Lutheran Church. 

We believe:

  • Each child is a precious gift from God and is His unique creation.
  • A quality academic education enables children to discover and fulfill God's special purpose for their lives.
  • Through God's Word and the work of the Holy Spirit, we help children grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their Savior.
  • In demonstrating and emphasizing Christ-like qualities among students, faculty, and staff
  • Parents and teachers are partners and advocates for their children.

Our Objectives

Students at Grace Lutheran School will:

  • Model Christ-like behavior
  • Articulate their relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • Exhibit their God-given responsibility
  • Perform to the best of their God-given abilities
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for learning
  • Demonstrate a Christian character, enabling them to become useful citizens and leaders in their community, country, and world
  • Apply the Biblical principle of the body as the temple of God
  • Use discretionary time in worthwhile and acceptable activities
  • Exhibit Christian stewardship