Grace Lutheran Alumni

Welcome back to Grace!

Welcome home, Alumni! For more than 50 years, Grace Lutheran has had the opportunity to be a part of the Huntsville community.  We are proud to claim many high-caliber individuals who have walked these halls “our own.” We are always happy to hear from and visit with our alumni. If you are interested in visiting during school hours, please use the links below to update your contact information or schedule a visit.

Our alumni are invited to become involved at Grace Lutheran School in many ways – as mentors, alumni association committee members, working with our foundation, and more. Please “Get in Touch” with us to volunteer.

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Class Reunions

Who are you still connected to in your class? With the community returning to normal after Covid-19, it is time to start looking at hosting reunions again. If you graduated in a year ending in a 2 or 7, this is your year to celebrate. If we missed your year because of COVID (years ending in 0,1,5,6), a make-up celebration may be scheduled if there is sufficient interest. To help plan or participate in a reunion gathering, please use the “Get in Touch” link.