Pre-K to 8th Grade

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High quality academics in a family environment. Our well-qualified teachers work with each student to help them grow and achieve academically, socially, and spiritually. Small class sizes, high expectations, and strong teaching/learning settings provide opportunities for students to successfully prepare for their future – in school and in life.

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Our full and half-day prekindergarten programs provide each child with a loving, fun, educational, and safe environment where students learn letters, numbers, and how to be ‘ready to learn.’ We let each child know that God loves him/her, and so do we.

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be four years old by September 1 to enroll. We limit our class size to 18 students.

Our kindergarteners enjoy academic and play experiences to encourage and support the development of each child’s God-given potential. Students practice etiquette and social skills through play and relational activities, learning how to work together as a team. Students develop number sense and pre-reading/reading skills through hand-on activities, problem solving, and other academic experiences. 

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be five years old by September 1. We limit our class sizes to 18 students.

First grade students learn how to become independent learners while still working together as a team. They begin to develop leadership skills such as cooperation, listening to each other, and making good choices. First grade is an exciting year when students expand on their phonics skills, learning to read, and do math. Science, social studies, and Discipleship classes round out their core subjects.

Per Alabama state law, we require students to be six years old by September 1. We limit our class size to 20 students.

Second Grade is a year of developing responsibility, becoming more independent. With a foundational goal for children who know that God is their Savior and active in their daily lives, second graders strengthen their reading and math skills. Students are encouraged to become responsible, young citizens of our world. 

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Third grade students continue the journey of growing into independent learners. This year marks the transition from ‘Learning to Read’ to ‘Reading to Learn’. We strive to teach the whole child and lead the students in becoming more responsible for themselves and their assignments. Students practice problem-solving skills as they work with each other, enabling them to become stronger leaders through developing compassion and empathy. 

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Fourth graders are naturally curious, enjoy learning, gladly help others, and share their faith in words and actions. This year is a big transition year for students – academic rigor increases as students work more independently, continuing the ‘Reading to Learn’ path. Classroom activities and projects provide creative hands-on experiences while also practicing organizational skills and independent decision-making. Students become more proficient in budgeting their time and completing multiple assignments in various subjects each day.

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Fifth grade focuses on preparing students for a successful transition into middle school, both academically and in executive functioning. Our “bridging program” permits students to practice organization, responsibility, time management, and study skills. It also helps them grow the spiritual maturity necessary for success in middle school and beyond. Twenty-first Century skills of leadership, confidence, empathy, peer relationships, and respecting diversity are imbedded into our curriculum to equip these young minds in becoming leaders, disciples, and innovative thinkers through a well-rounded, intentionally diversified, educational experience.

We limit our class size to 20 students.

Middle School (6th–8th)

Middle school can be stressful for both students and their families as students make both academic and developmental leaps. Our staff and faculty work hard to create a safe environment where rigorous educational opportunities and appropriate social interactions bridge the transition from elementary to middle school.


Language Arts

Novel studies, Writer’s Workshops, Grammar, Vocabulary


General and Advanced Math 


American History 1900 to the present, World History, Geography


Biblical Studies, Integrating Faith and Life


Earth Science, Biology, Physical Science Using Experiential Learning

Foreign Language



Band, Chorus


Creativity and Techniques through Artist Studies


Keyboarding, Coding, Digital Citizenship

Physical Education

Health and Fitness

Child Development Center

Grace Lutheran Child Development Center (CDC) offers classes from six weeks through three years old, providing year-round, loving care for our precious little ones. Parents and teachers work closely together in a Christian family environment to meet the needs of your children. Classes are grouped according to the developmental stage of the children and placed in classrooms filled with age-appropriate furniture and play/learning materials. Our play-based environment encourages learning and discovery through play and social interactions.

Homeschool Cover

For families in Alabama who wish to homeschool their children, Grace Lutheran offers a homeschool cover program. We believe that parents should be able to educate their children, choosing the curriculum that best fits their children’s needs. Students may participate in a homeschool hybrid through our Ala Carte program where students can attend in-person classes at Grace. Families in our Homeschool Cover may participate in chapel, assemblies, sports, clubs, and achievement testing.